We’re moving into that time of year that brings falling leaves and falling temperatures. This gives us a break from the high heats of summer but can also bring very low temperatures with it. With these low temperatures comes a higher chance of getting colds, coughs, the flu, and more. Thankfully, St. Francis Urgent Care is here to help you keep your body, and your house, safe and warm with a few tips.

Some things experts say you can do to keep your home feeling cozy are:
  • Put weather stripping along the doors to prevent small drafts.
  • Check to see if you need to replace your home’s insulation.
  • Make sure there’s no potential roof leaks that could let cold air in.
  • Have your heating system professionally inspected to make sure it’s good to go.
To make sure your body is ready for the winter it’s recommended you keep the following things in mind:
  • Make sure your body adjusts to shorter days with plenty of good, restful sleep.
  • Try to keep exercising, even if the weather is cold outside.
  • If you have a harder time getting your hands on certain vegetables during the winter, try taking supplements.
  • Keep humidifiers around the house to help prevent dry, cracking skin.
  • If you’re worried about falling and injuring yourself, make an appointment with St. Francis Urgent Care to receive a physical.

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